The District Dude - Nick Boulle

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You have a big event to attend this weekend- which River Oaks District retailers is your go-to for an outfit?

For casual, I have to say I really love the comfortable options and great value you can get at Theory. If I’m going somewhere a little more formal, I love Brunello Cucinelli’s clothing, but sadly I don’t have many of their pieces! Everything in their collection is so soft though and since I seem to shop by feel (and I want to be comfortable no matter where I’m going) their clothing is pretty hard to resist. 

Valentine's Day is coming up. What’s the perfect gift from de Boulle to give this year to a loved one? 

Ahh… That’s a tough question, but I would say the perfect gift from de Boulle is the jewelry that speaks to you. Some of my favorite pieces are our ladies' bangles because they are so wearable on a daily basis, but can also be dressed up. The bangles we have come in so many different options that they mean you can stack them over each other and make them work with almost any outfit and keep adding to your collection.

We all know you’re a race car driver and have seen your car out front! What’s been the most memorable race you’ve competed in?

Certainly the most memorable race I’ve ever been a part of was the 24 Hours of Le Mans… The race is one of, if not the, biggest sporting event in the world and you can feel it. 300,000 spectators line the course and the French Air Force flyover at the start as Rafael Nadal waved the starting flag is something that will stay with me forever. 

What is your go-to, staple timepiece? 

That’s a hard question to answer… Certainly, my rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus is something that I can dress up or down for any occasion and I always enjoy wearing it no matter the occasion. 

It’s hot in Texas! What’s your ice cream order at Amorino?

Has to be a mix… A little vanilla and some salted caramel — but don’t forget an espresso with it! 

What movie are you dying to see at iPic?I’d like to see Glass — M. Night Shyamalan usually keeps things interesting.  

You’re from Dallas, but what are you favorite spots to visit in Houston when you’re in town? 

I love several Houston restaurants, but I have to have lunch at Toulouse while I’m here and I love the upstairs lounge at Le Colonial. Outside of the center, State of Grace is one of my favorite restaurants. 

What are the best parts of working in a family business? 

The best part of working in a family business is the ability to make a difference to the bottom line. Everyone has to learn lots of different aspects of the business since we are a small team, so it keeps things interesting and makes sure I am always learning. 

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