The District Dude - Quintin Conwright

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We’ve got the shoes covered, what is your go-to for outfit shopping?

My go-to brand is hands down Rick Owens!  I've been a fan of his since 2009, but sadly we don't have many places here catering to that aesthetic for men, so most of my pieces are purchased during my travels or online.  I also enjoy Vintage/Resell shopping!

If you could dress any celebrity in Giuseppe Zanotti, who would be your dream guy/gal to style?

Good question! Lenny Kravitz would most definitely be ideal; and since he too has a daughter, I think it'd be really dope to style not only him but Zoe Kravitz as well!  Also Dallas native Erykah Badu

We think your daughter, Vivienne, is just darling! What are some of your favorite father/daughter outings?

Our weekly schedules are typically pretty hectic between her ballet, gymnastics, and choir.  So I try to focus on keeping our outings and activities pretty low-key and laid back.  Luckily, she already seems to be taking interest in the things I enjoy!  So you can catch us shopping & walking (riding her scooter) around The District, painting at home, collaborating on jewelry designs, or watching movies.

Vivienne comes to visit you for lunch, where in the District do you take her?

She loves East Hampton! Which is perfect since I'm originally from Dallas.

What staple shoe do you believe everyone must have in their closet?

For men, there is nothing better than a great pair of boots. You really can't go wrong with a heeled Chelsea style and a combat/motor boot. As for women, definitely a metallic or jeweled strappy heel sandal. Pushing the boundaries of our everyday comfort zones and being able to express our individual styles & personalities is more exciting! 

Favorite Houston spot to take Vivienne to?

Honestly anywhere, as long as we are together.  She favors the swimming pool and anywhere she can ride around on her scooter and while socializing!

What movie are you dying to see at iPic?


What does a typical weekend in Houston look like for you and the family?

A typical weekend for me and the family is typically an extension of the first part of the week...BUSY. When we are able to get some time, we are either taking it easy or out in Dallas spending time with my family.

Who is your style muse?

I have several!!  It's crazy because when I'm not working I dress all sorts of ways depending on my mood.  I'd have to say Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell, David Beckham, Ruby Rose, and Michele Lamy.

How do you balance managing Giuseppe, being a dad, and keeping your Instagram looking cool?

Oh wow, my Instagram looks cool?! Thanks for that compliment! Keeping a balance is all about prioritizing. My daughter comes first to any and everything and it's very interesting to watch her grow and develop her own little personality and style. So I try to capture and post those moments.  Working for Giuseppe Zanotti and being apart of the fashion industry makes balancing easier because there have been many opportunities where I am able to mesh my two worlds together by bringing her to various events and obligations ---- it doesn't hurt that she love's to socialize, too!

What’s your favorite thing to do to relax?

Relaxing to me is all about refueling and "feeding" yourself.  I am relaxing when I am curating and working on sketching designs & creating pieces for my jewelry/accessory line, as well clothing design and sewing. 

If you could walk a day in someone else’s shoes, who’s would you choose? 

Rick Owens for sure!

Stacie Ellis