The District Darling: Chiara Casiraghi

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Graceful and gorgeous with Italian genes and a Grace Kelly-esque classic sense of fashion, we couldn't have enjoyed getting to know this month's District Darling more. Chiara Casiraghi truly dances through the streets of Houston as she is a ballerina and has a big heart for this city and all it has to offer. Keep reading for Chaira's most "on pointe" picks in the District and around town. 

Where is your favorite spot to dine in River Oaks District?

I love the menu and ambiance at Le Colonial, but I also enjoy lounging in iPic watching a movie and indulging in their menu. I feel so spoiled there. Oh and Hopdoddy for a burger!

What is your current beauty must have?

I think the basics are the best to have in place. I get my facials from Skindustry, then there is daily maintenance with vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum and sometimes a retinol treatment. Lots of water and papaya for plump hydrated skin.

You need a new outfit for a night out. What River Oaks District retailer do you visit?

Oh between Intermix and Baanou I’m all set.

What is an essential you never travel without and where are you going, by the way?

That’s a good question, Other than my computer... I guess my essentials are my skincare routine. The times I’ve forgotten to pack my basics mentioned above, it really took a toll on how I felt in my skin. Not to mention I always need lip chap! Where I am going is to be determined as of now. I always make it out to LA, New York and Palm Beach at some point.

What gets you through a long work day?

The fact that I love what I do. Even if the task at hand may feel draining, annoying at that moment and I would rather not be behind the computer editing. It’s all towards a bigger goal and knowing that makes each little task of the day exciting and valuable. Also coffee helps.

Where do you like to go in Houston to break a sweat?

Black Swan Yoga, Houston Ballet open classes (when I can make it) and Equinox (when I was a member lol). In truth, for me, however, there is no better workout than a ballet class done well.

A loved one comes to visit you. Where’s the first place you take them to in town?

Tough question, it depends on the guest! Houston has so much to offer. ROD is definitely one of them because its such a beautiful area to walk around, shop or window shop, and it’s so close to me!

You’re craving something sweet. What’s your go-to?

Bubble Tea! And I found this shaved ice place Nu Cafe on Westheimer, so good!

It’s Friday night. What are you drinking and where?

We like to try different places, Toulouse is a staple, next on my list is Emmaline. North Italia is close by so we like to pop over there. I don’t really drink or make a habit of having wine or alcohol. But if I am that evening it’s a champagne or Prosecco-based drink.

Current show that you’re binging?

I’m trying to find a good one right now actually so I’ll tell you the ones I’ve loved binging on and am so upset I’ve finished them:

The Borgias, The Medici, The Tudors. I’m going through a history phase. The Crown is a little too recent for me. I like my historical dramas in and around the Renaissance period.

Best place to relax in Houston?

My place lol. Ok, seriously I had a great time at the Trellis Spa very tranquil and kind of reminded me of being at a Palm Beach spa. If you’re downtown the Spa Suites and Spa at the JW are very relaxing more contemporary feeling.

You have Italian roots...what is your favorite Italian dish?

There are seriously so many, but I can’t live without prosciutto, burrata, & good tomatoes. Carbonara is probably my favorite pasta, I even shared my family’s recipe on my Youtube channel and I’m not a food blogger, lol. Italian food is all about have the best the ingredients so even the most basic dish is better than a complicated one with the wrong quality ingredients.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

Gosh, there are so many, there are people I look to like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marlyn Monroe who influence my underlying appreciation for style and fashion. That was a time where dressing was a meticulous art and while I wouldn’t trade the creatively and freedom we have mores nowadays I do love to draw inspiration from there. I remember seeing Audrey Hepburn in ‘Sabrina’ wearing this stunning gown, it was probably the first non-school assignment related google search I did. The gown was by Givenchy and that was the moment fashion made a deeper impression on me. Inspiration in style today for me are fashion bloggers, and a few “It” girls that happen to be models and vice versa, some designers for sure, but I appreciate so much the creatively certain influencers/ creatives put into crafting their looks. For me it’s interesting when it is on the “aspirational” side rather than the practical.

You have a background in ballet and dance. What’s your favorite performance you’ve ever done?

I played Hunyak in the musical Chicago at the Lake Worth Playhouse which was so much fun because I was able to perform some of my favorite songs growing up like “Cell Block Tango”, “All the Jazz” which are classic Broadway pieces. In Houston I performed at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Dominic Walsh Dance Theater’s Una Notte in Italia , I Napoletani. Not only was it an honor to dance for such a renowned company and choreographer with talented dancers, one of the pieces was choreographed using typical Southern Italian hand gestures. We {the dancers} were playing this family gathered around a long table having a choreographed conversation using these Italian hand gestures! It was so fun and actually really funny. Not to mention It was my debut performance in Houston and the first time my husband saw me on a stage.

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