The District Darling - Estela Cockrell

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Give us your elevator pitch - what is Switch2Pure all about?

We were tired of choosing between toxic ingredients and uninspiring products—so we made it our mission to change that for good. We’re the trusted source for nontoxic-yet-totally-effective wellness, beauty, and skincare, solutions. No more compromises. No more scary chemicals. No more excuses. Because we all deserve the pure truth.

What is the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to pursuing your passions and career goals? 

Follow your gut. 

Top 3 favorite products- go!

CBD Muscle Rub. 5 in 1 Tinted SPF. Natural deodorant.

You’re at River Oaks District and all of a sudden it’s time for dinner - where do you go to grab a bite to eat? 

Toulouse or iPic in VIP section ;)

You have guests come in to visit Houston- where is the first place you’ll take them?

Besides River Oaks District? Menil. HMNS. Buffalo Bayou Park!

You need a new outfit for a night out. What River Oaks District retailer do you visit? 

Do you have a minute? Baanou, Intermix, Alice + Olivia, Stella McCartney

It’s been a crazy day in the pop up- how do you unwind after a long day? 

Long bath with an amazing Pursoma Soak, Oyl Scrub, Innersense Hair Masque, Uma Brightening Facial Mask, Anti Aging oil and Crystal Roller. In that order :) 

Who is your beauty inspiration? 

Every human being living their authentic life. Any shape or form. #goals

Any movies you’re dying to see at iPic this season? 

Yes. Bradley Cooper one. Ready!!! 

How did you get started with Switch2Pure? 

A long long time ago when my autoimmune journey begin. Little did I know it would culminate in to this. But it has and I couldn’t be prouder. Come say hi at Switch2Pure

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