Business Class

Located in the midst of the tactile heaven that is a Brunello Cucinelli store, a modern miracle awaits; the top selling menswear travel suit. Innocently surrounded by the coordinating fall/winter collection, the travel suit appears to be as handsome as all the other available clothing options, but therein lies the garment’s special secret. “You can fold it into a small compartment, shake it off and hang it, and it will return to its original wrinkle-free look’ says designer Brunello Cucinelli.

“Even before we started to incorporate a travel jacket into our collections, I always wore an ultralight wool jacket that stayed practically intact no matter how much I wore it and moved” adds Mr. Cucinelli. Made out of a lightweight wool and silk blend fabric, the suit comes in a variety of styles: single breasted, 1.5 breasted, peaked lapel, even as a separate sport coat. The season-free suit comes in both navy and grey and is available year round, which is great news for the well dressed traveler who likes to stick with a good thing once they find it.

Gone are the days of packing for a business trip and arriving like a wrinkled mess. Simply by removing this one simple obstacle, the Brunello Cucinelli travel suit not only subverts this vexing headache, it provides today's frequent flier with an immediate style upgrade.

Stacie Ellis