Camp Beverly Hills

Nothing evokes visions of glamour like the historic Beverly Hills Hotel located on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. One of the most famous hotels in the world, the lodging is best known for privacy-seeking movie stars and for Hollywood moguls power lunching at the legendary Polo Lounge. Decorated in shades of pink and green, the decor of the hotel immediately conjures up its infamous past, with hidden bungalows, a sparkling swimming pool, and its iconic palm tree leaf print wallpaper. This large scale banana print officially known as Martinique “A” wallpaper BH90210 was originally designed in 1942 for the hallways and coffee shop of the hotel by interior designer Don Loper – and it still looks contemporary today.

About 1946, decorator Dorothy Draper created a similar patterned wallpaper for the equally famous West Virginia resort “The Greenbrier.” The banana leaf pattern was used throughout the hotel and casino, now a national historic landmark, differing slightly in color and subject from the Beverly Hills Hotel. Now almost 75 years later, these iconic palm prints continue to convey this jet set sensibility and have been featured in homes, hotels, and restaurants throughout the world.

A new interpretation of the banana leaf print returns once again, taking a fashionable turn for 2016. Inspired by the gardens of Italy and the plants of the Mediterranean, the leafy pattern appears across the Fall/Winter preview collection from designers Dolce & Gabbana; from ready-to-wear clothing to accessories. “The prints with foliage motifs are inspired by one of the emblematic plants of the Palermo Botanical Garden: The Banana Tree. This plant evokes the luxuriant flora of the Mediterranean and the seductive atmosphere of the tropics” explain designers Dolce & Gabbana. Currently available at our River Oaks District store, the exclusive banana leaf print collection is ripe and ready for picking.

Stacie Ellis