Rainbow Bright

If you had to choose one favorite color, what would it be? According to certain beliefs, the psychology of this choice helps reveal certain aspects of your personality. Physical, mental, and emotional traits can often be revealed by the colors we choose to wear and surround ourselves with every day. With this fascinating theory in mind, Stella McCartney has introduced a charming new handbag line, The Rainbow Pop Falabella Collection. 

Available in seven different rainbow hues, the tote is designed to appeal to various personality traits, each representing the impact of our choices, behavior, and feelings. Mist represents calmness, while Bluebird represents confidence. Bright Purple is for fun, Hot Pink is for friendship, and Cherry is for love. Orange embodies playfulness, while Golden Syrup represents joy. In addition to the mini tote, matching iPhone cases, wallets, credit card holders, and key chains are also available.

The impact of our choices is an important component of the ethics of the Stella McCartney collection. McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian, so the brand does not use leather or fur in its designs. As part of an ongoing commitment to animal- and eco-friendly fashion, the Pop Falabella collection is created from “shaggy deer,” a non-leather, cruelty-free material. Regardless of the color you choose, your inspired decision will surely result in your feeling beautiful, inside and out.

Stacie Ellis