Private Eyes

If you’ve ever wanted to see the world though the eyes of an internationally famous fashion designer, now is your chance. The TOM FORD Private Eyewear Collection is an impeccable collection with ultra premium frames and will be available at Tom Ford’s River Oaks District store starting April 15th. This exclusive collection is made up of eleven tightly edited styles, each representing a year that Tom Ford has been manufacturing his optical frames and sunglasses. 

“These are the frames that I personally wear and in some instances originally designed only for myself,” says Ford. “This is truly my own private collection. In most cases these editions of my favorite frames have been produced in new elevated materials that are uncommon in most commercially produced frames.”

The collection is made up of six optical frames and five sunglasses frames, with shapes varying from aviators to horn rims. Materials like real buffalo horn and super lightweight Japanese titanium get paired with fine details, such as clever “T” shaped hinges and carefully tinted photochromic lenses. The Tom N.5 might be recognizable from the silver screen; actor Colin Firth wore the classic style in Tom Ford’s directorial debut “A Single Man.” From a designer who was once quoted saying: “I’m a perfectionist to the point of insanity,” who better to get the crucial details of the perfect pair of eyeglasses correct?

Stacie Ellis