The Gold Standard

Perception, light, color, and space; these are the elements that come together to create a new spring season at River Oaks District. Brilliant rays of sun illuminate our environment, turning our personal effects into luxurious shades of gold. The individual collections of River Oaks District reflect this incandescent glow, each exemplifying the beauty and warmth of the luminous world around us.

Inspiring fashions emanate palpable waves of energy and artistry, as extraordinary spring designs give off a special intensity unique to all our sparkling collections. Golden jewelry and watches shine like bright light of day, as luminous accessories for the body and soul conjure visions of a resplendent solar glow. 

Photographed at the gilded modern “Acido Dorado” home of architect Robert Stone within the surreal beauty of Joshua Tree, the spring River Oaks District campaign radiates like the hot desert sun. Like King Midas receiving his special power, our special team of models, stylists, and photographer, were bestowed with an enchanted reward, where every image touched turned into a lustrous shade of gold.

Stacie Ellis