Tom Ford's Fashion Revolution

Notably absent from fall’s traditional fashion schedule, groundbreaking designer Tom Ford, took a break from showing while he works on preparing a wildly creative new plan. By not previewing his collection publicly, Ford now has the time to realign his shows with the contemporary needs of his international clients. In a revolutionary move, fall clothes will be shown during the actual fall, with clothing immediately going on sale right after his runway presentation. This will eliminate the precious wait time for consumers and provide a fashionable urgency that will forever change the way we shop.

With our attention spans decreasing from the endless barrage of runway images via the web and social media, the idea of fashion shows providing instant gratification makes a whole lot of sense. In an interview with Time Magazine about the changes, Tom explains: “The clothes and accessories will still be as beautifully made as always, and the service to the customer exceptional. In most other areas of the luxury market, instant gratification has also become part of the luxury experience. In fact, the ultimate luxury now is to not have to wait at all. It is a romantic notion to think that people want to wait for things and anticipate them, but I’m afraid that no one really wants to wait for anything anymore.”

Stacie Ellis