French designer André Courrèges recently past away at the age of 92 and fashion lost one of the most important innovators of the last 50 years. Popularizing futuristic fashion by introducing women to pants and miniskirts, his clothes often reflected the space age by predicting hopeful ideas of what was to come.

Utilizing sharp geometric shapes, solid bold colors, and technical fabrics, Courrèges created a style that defined the modern look of the swinging sixties. Collections featured go-go boots, sci-fi helmets, geometric wigs, and goggle-like sunglasses, all inspired by NASA and lofty dreams of futuristic space travel. Taking advantage of many newly developed man-made materials, fabrics like vinyl, plastic, and lycra were often used in fashion for the very first time. 

The influential Courrèges look is still with us today; traces of his sixties mod style can be found in the recent collections of Dior, Stella McCartney, and Hermes. An innovative upbeat point-of-view that still looks as fresh today, an enduring legacy that any modern day designer would ever hope to achieve.

Stacie Ellis