Moreau Paris

Moreau Paris is the custodian of an exceptional French tradition, both for the manufacturing processes and in the materials used. The result is a timeless collection, functional, light and elegant which get personalised and enhanced by the patina of everyday use.

Moreau Paris proposes to its customers the intrinsic qualities of its French handcrafted savoir-faire; the timelessness of its traditional and creative aesthetics; the exclusivity of the finest; the most exquisite materials; the uniqueness of its philosophy; the secular history; the intransigence of its quality; the durability criteria for manufacturing and the after-sales service...nothing but modern luxury, elegance, authenticity, avant-garde, establishing new references in the Maroquinerie field, cultivated and perpetuated, with humility and discretion.

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MAIL moreau-houston@europeandesigns.net